about us

Our organisation, which was started in 2003-2004 has initiated action in the direction of rescuing and developing the cultural bedrock of law and order of our country. It has formed programmes to deliver the benefit of the Government schemes for backward and downtrodden lot of all communities. It is really a tragedy that a section of the society has to supress their pains and pleasures and struggle for a morsel of food and a piece of cloth.

When the founder Secretary and the office bearers of this society started searching for the cause for this, they discovered that it would definitely be possible to bring about a change in their life, if the fundamental facilities like education, employment and privileges provided by the Government. S.J.S.RY.M.C.C. Mysore is the first organisation, in collaborating with J.S.S ShramikVidyapeetha, which provided training to women who were below the poverty line in beautician course, candle making, soap oil, Phenol, preparing different food products in collaboration with CFTRI - which later became MysoreMahilaSamsthe. With the cange of name the area of activity also expanded. Going a step ahead the activities encompassed Adult Education, Tailoring training, Embroidery, Zari work, Mehendi training which inspired way for the self sufficiency of women.

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